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Project outline

Biel School of Engineering and Architecture –University of Applied Sciences Berne (Project Leader),
University of Applied Sciences Valais, HGKK –University of Applied Sciences Berne,
University of Applied Sciences Lucerne, University of Applied Sciences Winterthur,
St. Gallen University, SEV, Fehraltorf

In Switzerland, there is a great need for additional education in environmental management. The "e-DUCATION" course offers a practice-oriented approach to meet this need.

It is based on a model company whose environmental management system can be developed by the students themselves as realistically as possible, aided by face-to-face teaching. The actual situation in terms of environmental protection at the company is evaluated during a virtual tour. Building on this, participants design an environmental management system for the company.

They can test their system in various simulations. Last but not least, an evaluation by external experts and some examples of virtual applications are intended to show how well the task has been solved.

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