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Project outline
Core IT Mathematics

Zurich University (Project Leader)
ETH Zurich
Basel University

Core IT Mathematics is a one-year course in the basic training of informaticians and related specialisms. It covers the following subjects: set theory, numbers, graphs, algebra, logic, grammars, machines, linear geometry, calculus, ODEs, and special subjects such as fractals, neuronal networks, Fourier, wavelets, numerics, statistics, categories and manifolds. Advanced subjects such as flow point arithmetic, coding theory and multimedia mathematics enhance the knowledge base.

The material is taught in a blended learning setting and applies the latest mathML technology, applets and knowledge geometry for interactive learning. It is supplemented by a Springer book on the material.

The course is intended to improve the formal skills of IT specialists. It is also economically relevant, as there has often been an acknowledged lack of formal rigour in specifying and designing the systems in failed IT projects.

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