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Experiences with SVC-Projects
3) Integration within teaching

«Antiquit@s addresses mainly students of history in their basic courses. At the University of Fribourg it is used within the methodological modules (introduction into the so-called auxiliary historic sciences), where the emphasis is on the modules of epigraphy and numismatics. The virtual course is also meant as a supplement of seminars and courses held in the other partner universities (Zurich, Lausanne, Geneva, Berne and Liége) as well as in the Universities of Dijon and Paris 1. The use of new technologies enables the students to research interactively various ancient sources (inscriptions, coins, literature), which are otherwise not easily accessible for beginners. Since the students can deal with the subject on an individual and flexible basis, they are to a large extent responsible for the course of their studies. By means of the following modules they are invited to get acquainted with the basics of the course: discovery of contents, information research, evaluation of bibliography and notes, choice of subjects and seminars, etc.»


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1) Evaluation
2) Recipe for success, stumbling blocks
3) Integration within teaching
4) Outlook
Overview "experiences"
Project outline "ANTIQUIT@S"

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