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Project outline

Universities of Applied Sciences of Lucerne, SUPSI Laboratorio Cultura Visiva LCV (Project Lead),
FHZ Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts,
BFH University of Applied Sciences and Arts BernE,
USI E-Lab (Support Center)

Colour is a joint project between three Universities/Schools of Art and Design. The project’s aim is to revive the teaching of colour-related subjects at the universities of applied sciences, but also in vocational schools and in the field of further education generally.

Colour offers a range of tools that can be used in modular form in the various teaching environments. While one group of tools (e.g. physics, physiology or colour materials) offers a more general introduction to the subject, a second group deals with the job-specific aspects of the use of colour (e.g. in the fields of restoration, interior design, print or light art).

Students can acquire a general knowledge of the tools through illustrated introductions to the subject and interactive demonstrations, or in a (virtual) laboratory. Links providing structured access to extensive Web sources enable students to further explore particular themes.

Colour will be used in the following three main fields: in the Bachelor of Arts studies at the Schools of Art and Design, in teacher training (on individual aspects), in continuing education for professionals and for consultation by specialists who need a quick reference guide in a particular field.

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